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Baby’s First Birthday – What A ONEderful World

  • December 5, 2017
  • By Madelyn
Baby’s First Birthday – What A ONEderful World

Time is flying!

Somehow, some way, my sweet baby girl turned one this past weekend, hence the birthday theme, "What A ONEderful World!" Blows my mind how the past year was both the longest and yet the fastest year of my entire life.

But that's not the point of this post, so let's stay on topic here shall we?

As I went to plan my baby's first birthday party I decided on the theme, "What A ONEderful World." Naturally I shot straight over to Pinterest in an attempt to find some cute party ideas. Oddly enough, it was slim pickins. I couldn't find much (or hardly anything, really) specific to my theme. This left me scratching my head, and I realized I was going to have to figure this one out without the help of trusty ol' Pinterest.

On the hunt I went. I decided to hit up Etsy (because all things cute and awesome come from Etsy amiright?) and found some stuff over there. Below I've compiled photos of all the sweet decor I used as well as links to the things I purchased. Oh and to add to the party charm, I had Louis Armstrong's "What A Wonderful World" playing in the background. Winning!

"Cupcakes, presents & lots of fun... Little Nadine is turning 1!"

These balloons were purchased separately from Amazon and turned out super cute. We used a helium tank to air them up ourselves. The beautiful poster was a part of a ONEderful World birthday theme package I bought on Etsy and then printed on VistaPrint. It turned out incredible and the graphic designer does great work! Check her out if you need any custom work done. The chalkboard is an old faithful I actually bought for my son's first birthday a few years back from Hobby Lobby. I've used it for every birthday party since!

A ONEderful World awaits...


Each table had photos from my little one's first year, and then these tiny "The World Awaits" containers along with the globe balloon. Funny side note: when I bought the containers to use as table centerpieces I thought they'd be like five or six inches tall. Obviously I didn't read the description and boy was I wrong! They were about two inches tall, but we made it work and they fit perfectly with our ONEderful World theme. I bought them on Amazon. Also, I grabbed stones from my backyard to use as weights for the balloons. Free and easy!


This high chair skirt was made of tulle and had a shiny gold and pink "1" on it. How adorable is this? I found it on Amazon. I tied the gold balloons to the back of the chair and then I threw up a simple photo banner of pictures of my baby from months one to twelve. I literally used Command Hooks, twine, and those teeny little clothespins. Boom!

What A ONEderful World!


Check it out! Food and gift section here. The banner came in the Etsy Onederful World party theme package I bought. I did have to cut it out and assemble it myself but I did it while watching an episode of The Voice so it was no biggie. We just did snack foods, waters, and cupcakes this time around. Some of my favorite table items:


I AM OBSESSED WITH THIS GLOBE. Ok y'all, here's the scoop: I bought this globe plain from Target (because Target is life). Then I had a local graphic designer paint, "What A Wonderful World" on it for me. She did this free hand! How amazing is that? Anyway, you have to check her out. I now have this sucker in my living room because I am in love with it.

Second favorite thing on the table is the, "What A Wonderful World" book. I bought this at Barnes & Noble and had guests sign it for my little girl. So precious and something she will be able to treasure for years to come.

The pretty little place card holders are from the Hearth & Hand Magnolia line from Target. I could go crazy with that stuff but I actually ordered these when Target did their store-wide 15% off sale on Cyber Monday. Yay for deals! I ordered these plus the card inserts that go with them. They're very sturdy, real metal and real glass, and easy to assemble. Plus I'll be re-using them for lots of things!


And then party favors! These were a labor of love but they turned out adorable. I bought the clear plastic bags from Walmart in the bridal section and they came with the tags to write "Thank You" on and the ribbon to tie them. I ordered these cute, plain little journals from Amazon and then I wrote, "What A Wonderful World" on them with gel pens. I tried to tap in to my inner artist (she lives deep DEEP within me). The nifty little passport books were also an Amazon purchase and they came with the passport stamps. They were fun and on the inside there were even stickers representing different countries! Last I bought the globe stress balls from Amazon as well and then I placed a gel pen in each of the bags. So much fun!

And then there were these adorable little cupcakes. I went to a local cupcake shop in an attempt to purchase some and they wanted to charge me $2.50 per cupcake. Um, no. So I hit up good ol' Walmart and got 30 cupcakes for less than $20! I was able to customize them and chose the vanilla with white buttercream frosting and gold sparkly sprinkles on top. For the final touch I placed the ONE-derful World cupcake toppers on top that I purchased in my birthday theme order from Etsy. Voila!

I still cannot believe my baby is one. Here's to another year of adventure in this wonderful, ONEderful world!

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By Madelyn, December 5, 2017
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