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Meet Harvest Mom

Madelyn Vieth is THE Harvest Mom behind harvestmom.com. Mother of two littles, she spends her days navigating the unbelievable chaos that is motherhood (why doesn’t anyone warn you about this part beforehand?) and juggling her many roles: wife, mom, harvest cook, blogger, and personal fitness trainer.
After becoming a mom in 2014, Madelyn decided it was time that someone out there start talking real: mom life is TOUGH. So she set out on a journey to launch a blog, intent on sharing the many aspects of motherhood that make it so brutal and yet so amazing. As Harvest Mom continues to evolve Madelyn hopes it will be a place where mothers find truth and encouragement in all of the “real stuff” of life (because she is no good at pretending, anyhow).

Harvest Life and Such

Several months of the year Madelyn spends in a travel trailer with husband, Chris, their two young children and one 50-pound fur baby as they cover hundreds of miles across multiple states harvesting cotton. She provides meals for their harvest crew seven days a week (with a toddler attached to her leg and a baby on her hip). The name of the game in this line of work is adaptation and spontaneity (two things she sucks tremendously at) so Madelyn is pretty sure if she can make it work, you can conquer the kitchen, too. She continues to learn as she goes but her favorite recipes are, unsurprisingly, the fast and simple ones (no time for gourmet cooking around this joint). She enjoys sharing Pinterest recipe finds or her own recipe creations here on the Harvest Mom platform (so you, too, can fool your family and friends into thinking you’re a good cook who spends hours slaving away in the kitchen).

Mommin’ Ain’t Easy

Madelyn is a lover of all things fitness and is on a journey herself to reach the version of health she’d like to see in her life. (But, let’s be real, mommin’ ain’t easy and there is no time for anything more than keeping the children alive these days.) As she pursues her own goals and tackles the daily struggles that come with being a mother and maintaining health and fitness, she hopes to encourage other moms to do the same. Madelyn is an AFAA certified personal fitness trainer (who certified officially two days before her second child was born…). She will be sharing workouts and fitness tips (free tip: chasing children around all day does, in fact, count as cardio) on Harvest Mom and hopes to offer practical, mom-to-mom advice on getting fit and staying fit. She loves to see other women rise up and crush their goals, and longs to encourage moms in their endeavors to make that happen.

Madelyn believes that at Harvest Mom all moms will find something to relate to, laugh along with, and be encouraged by. By sharing bits and blurbs of the chaos of her own crazy wonderful life she hopes readers will leave uplifted and empowered.

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